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Our community thrives with Care & Details........

Many children of these schools drop out for lack of note-books and parents inability to provide the same .We have been able to support around 400 to 500 students every year for the last 8 years and we are very proud of our students.

Over the years Strand Consulting Corp has believed in being supportive of community service in and around the world. It has done this either through financial donations or by publishing materials prepared by its members which would be advantageous to the masses. 

We are proud to mention since 2007 we have been donating school materials like note-book paper, full space paper,pencils, pencil-box to schools for students of primary sections in grade V to X . We have donated to primary schools and high schools in India. Some of them include Government Primary School No. 18 & 32, Ipcowala Primary School, College Road, Nadiad, Bhagat & Sonawala High School, Nadiad, Government Primary School No. 4. 

One of the many ways we thought of to help our community grow is by providing knowledge through the means of digital media.
We have created a series of web tutorials wherein we have made an effort to teach Vedic Mathematics in a much easier and understandable way with the intention of introducing a whole concept of Vedic Mathematics other than just as tricks or magic.

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Masonry/CMU Walls
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Slab on Metal-Deck
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Concrete Beams,Columns
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